Unique and Unusual Casino-Themed Jewelry and Accessories

Unique and Unusual Casino-Themed Jewelry and Accessories

If your casino enthusiasts enjoy card playing, this trump marker cube would make an unforgettable gift that doubles as home decor!

Give the gift of luck and fortune with this stunning money jar, sure to become an heirloom keepsake they’ll keep close for years!

Silver Dice Charm Bracelet

With its silver-tone chain-link design and dainty charms, this bracelet plays delicately while featuring chunky dice charms for added contrast. Wear this charming accessory with two-piece sweatsuits for an athletic-leisure aesthetic and pair it with chunky sneakers for the full effect.

Inspired by Moschino Designer Jeremy Scott’s Las Vegas-themed fashion show, this bracelet serves as a striking reminder that less isn’t always more. Crafted with 6mm beads and boasting an intricate crystal dice charm, its stretchable clear elastic cord makes this piece one-size-fits-all.

Add this black-and-silver charm bracelet to your casino accessories collection for a stylish way of keeping lady luck close! Ideal as a present for someone who enjoys gambling or bunco nights! Or give it away as a prize at themed parties – or wear it as part of a costume piece on nights out – this charm bracelet will bring lady luck along on any adventure!

‘That’s How You Roll’ Cuban Chain Necklace

An eye-catching casino-inspired necklace can instantly elevate any ensemble. This 10K gold Cuban chain features an eye-catching money roll pendant with 2.2 carats of diamonds. Custom length options can also be ordered to fit your preferred look; additionally, electroplating makes the chain livelier and brighter in color.

Casinos were once the center of social life and continue to shape modern fashion today. Moschini Designer Jeremy Scott even led a Las Vegas-themed fashion show complete with bright neon hues, sequins and vintage appliques in order to show his interpretation of gambling lifestyle.

For an understated casino-inspired look, try pairing a fitted maxi dress and denim jacket with ballet flats to complete the look. Or wear khakis paired with a classic striped collared shirt and loafers for a chic and relaxed aesthetic. Or opt for Jacob & Co’s Astronomia Casino watch which boasts an operational roulette wheel on its sapphire crystal dome case!

Clover Stone

Clover Stone bracelet is an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys gambling. Featuring various charms associated with luck such as four-leaf clover leaves and horseshoe, this adjustable size bangle fits most wrist sizes comfortably.

The Clover Stone mason jar bank provides a handy way to save extra change, featuring a ribbon, charm and slotted lid for convenient saving.

Other gems believed to bring good fortune when gambling include green jade, pyrite (fool’s gold) and citrine. Green jade is especially favored among Chinese gamblers and it may help improve concentration and luck.

Amber is said to possess magical properties when worn. While it may look like glass, amber is actually petrified tree sap that’s been around for millions of years. Use ImportGenius to track Clover Stone Llc’s previous import and export activity as well as our Customs tools for protecting intellectual property rights or monitoring competitor import/export activity – these can all help enforce intellectual property rights or track competitor activity more easily than ever before!

JennyGems Casino Jackpot Slots Gift Sign

If you know a gambler in your life, this casino mug makes an ideal present. Featuring poker and blackjack imagery that’s sure to bring joy, this piece makes an eye-catching statement about their passion for gambling – making an ideal birthday or Christmas present!

This American made sign is the perfect accessory to add some fun and character to any game room or man cave! Measuring 6 x 8 x 1.5 inches and featuring “Queen of the Machine”, this sign measures 6x8x1.5 and features black decor accents to sit freely on any surface or can even be wall mounted for hanging!

This unique bracelet makes an ideal present for any gambler or casino enthusiast, featuring a dice charm with hand-stamped initial on an expandable bangle. Wear alone or stack with other bracelets – perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any special event!

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