Ban on Online Rummy Imminent

Ban on Online Rummy Imminent

Tamil Nadu government appointed a panel to study the effects of online rummy. The committee comprises former Madras High Court judge Justice K Chandru. It met on Thursday and a ban on online rummy will be promulgated based on the report. This will be an important precedent for other states to follow. Despite the looming ban, online rummy has continued to grow in popularity, with several people falling prey to its lure. A 29-year-old woman from Chennai lost 20 sovereigns of gold jewellery in an online rummy game and committed suicide.

However, the government is not taking the decision lightly. A four-member committee has been appointed to study the effects of online rummy and the impact on the community. The report has been prepared using data gathered from various government agencies. The committee is expected to report within two weeks. Once this is done, the government will enact an ordinance banning online rummy. Until then, there are many reasons for concern.

The AIADMK government is considering banning online rummy. The AIADMK government has already recommended the expedited appeal of a related case. The government has not yet made a final decision, but it’s clear that the majority of the cabinet supports the ban. It has also formed a unique program to protect the interests of the community. If the state bans online rummy, the game will no longer be available in that state.

Despite the growing popularity of online rummy, there have been several suicides in Tamil Nadu as a result of its dangers. However, there is reason to believe that Kerala has done its best to address the problem. In fact, one woman in Chennai recently committed suicide after losing money to online rummy. That’s a troubling indication of how serious the threat is. Even if the ban is lifted, it’ll still be a long time before online rummy can return to the state.

Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have already banned money-based online gaming. Despite the ban, there are already several court battles taking place in India. The CM Jaganmohan Reddy has ordered that anyone found to be playing money-based online games will be jailed for six months. The ban will have a profound impact on the Indian gaming industry. There is a large amount of money being lost online.

While the ban is unlikely to be sustained, industry experts believe the legal challenge will be successful. A similar ban in Tamil Nadu was quashed by the Madras high court and most Indian rummy, poker and fantasy gaming operators have already restricted players in Karnataka. The ban in Karnataka is the latest state to ban online gambling. Tamil Nadu banned online gambling in April and was later overturned by the Madras high court.

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